GEO Domain Name

Domainers are in the consensus that one of the types of a domain name that can easily be sold is a geo domain name. A geo domain name is a domain name that has a specific place and occupation on its name. So, it is a combination of either place+occupation or occupation+place keywords. It is salable because as per experienced domainers, many person in the field of trade prioritize a domain name that can be related to their profession and to the scope of their reach.


Several names have already been sold to different end users that are using it for their online presence. There are lawyers who create their online presence using a geo domain name that can easily be reached and identified by their prospective clients. There are also other professionals who prefer that their website name is accurately related to their chosen trade.


Even in the domainers community, geo names are always being sought. You can see posts and forum threads of domainers looking for a name that meets their requirement. And the price also differs from one request to another. After all, it is a contract of two people who wish to sell and who wish to buy. If they reach a price where they can be both happy, then the name will be sold.


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